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I went to see this film last weekend. I truly enjoyed the overall message of the film ,"that we are all gifted and special in some unique way and how it is important to honor the gifts in which we are born with and OWN those gifts." In my own life I am striving to "OWN" my gifts and abilities and fully honor them by acknowledging them and developing them in my daily life. Personally this means making time in my adult life to play music, paint pictures, and enjoy dancing! I also enjoyed hearing the children's viewpoints and watching the children express themselves. We need to see the children around us with love and amazement. We need to listen to them with our undivided attention and honor their feelings.

Movie Info: "The Indigo Evolution: A Documentary" (length: 80 minutes) Many people today are talking about a new type of human being coming into our world. They are described as being creative, eccentric, independent, acting as if they are "royalty," impatient with the status quo, "system busters," possessing a high degree of integrity and highly intuitive. Some are even said to have supernatural "gifts" which they will use to "heal the world." Though no label fully applies, they are sometimes called "Indigo," "Crystal," or "Star Children."

LOCAL TIMES SHOWING IN GREENSBORO: http://www.networkthelight.net/indigo/index.cfm

This documentary attempts to answer the question - Are these 'Indigos' only the fanciful notions of a few individuals embracing new-age, metaphysical beliefs, or is there real evidence that they truly do exist? Most importantly, why are they here and how can we help them achieve their goal of creating a world based upon the laws of compassion and peace? Interviews with some of the most profound children on the planet today combined with discussions with authorities in the fields of medicine, psychology, education, philosophy, and religion will provide information for the viewer to draw their own conclusions to these questions. You can learn more about the movie at the website www.theindigoevolution.com.

Rating Info: The movie producer stated: "While there is no official rating for The Indigo Evolution, we suggest viewers be 9-10 years of age and older. There is no material in the film that is not suitable for children but the suggestion is made from the viewpoint of maintaining their attention."

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