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Mandolin Picker's Guide to Bluegrass Improvisation Book/CD Set

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Product Number: 22086BCD
By: Jesper Rubner-Petersen
Format: Book/CD Set
ISBN: 078668237X
UPC: 796279110877
ISBN13: 9780786682379
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Date Published: 2/18/2010

Product Description:
A new book on improvisation is now available for bluegrass mandolin players. Based on the concept of learning by playing, this 200 page book covers a wide range of improvisation tools and how to implement them in your playing. A large number of examples are presented in both tablature and standard notation, so that a theoretical background is not required. The small amount of theory needed is simply presented and easily learned step by step.

A series of exercises designed to help the player develop improvisational skills are included in the book. As an instruction tool, the book can easily be combined with the instructor’s individual philosophy or by a student wishing to study alone. The subject matter is varied in difficulty and can be used by both the beginner and more advanced player as an instructional guide and reference book. The major-themes in the book are: The pentatonic sound, scale and major-chord based improvising with any Bluegrass-Tune, Double-stop improvisation, Minor chords and Keys, The blues sound, Melody oriented improvisation, How to use: Monroe Style, Cross picking, Hot licks, how to simplify a lick, and more. MP3 CD accompanies book featuring all examples.

About the Author/Credits

Chapter 1 Theory
The major scale

Chapter 2 Chord Tones

Chapter 3 For the Beginner
The double-stop shuffle

Chapter 4 The Pentatonic Sound
The major pentatonic scale

Chapter 5 Let's Play Bluegrass

Chapter 6 Slow Improvising

Chapter 7 Stationary Improvising

Chapter 8 Let's Improvise
Easy playing

Chapter 9 The Spices
The minor 3rd
The minor 7th
The perfect 4th
The major 7th
Connection lines

Chapter 10 Mixing the Ideas

Chapter 11 One-Bar Licks

Chapter 12 "Last Line" Licks

Chapter 13 The G Chord

Chapter 14 The C Chord

Chapter 15 The F Chord

Chapter 16 Other Major Chords
The Bf chord
The B chord
Transposing "up the neck"

Chapter 17 Double-stops
The structures

Chapter 18 "Playing Around" with Double-stops
The movements
The picked slide
Ghost notes

Chapter 19 Other Double-Stops Ideas
Connecting the structures
Other double-stops shapes
Chord numbers
Harmonizing the major-scale
Major-scale movements
Chord related movements
The minor 7th sound

Chapter 20 Minor Chords
The dorian scale
The minor scale
The minor (no 6th) scale
The phrygian scale
The ( IV m ) chord

Chapter 21 Minor Keys
The minor scale
Horizontal playing
Symmetrical sequences
Adjustable playing
Vertical playing
The V chord in a minor key
The harmonic minor scale
The harmonic minor (no 6th) scale

Chapter 22 The Blues Sound
The blues scale
Mountain minor
The extended blues scale

Chapter 23 Monroe Style
"Anticipating the tonic"
The f 7 as leading tone
Down strokes

Chapter 24 Cross Picking
The two-string cross picking technique
The three-string cross picking technique

Chapter 25 The Melody

Chapter 26 Other Spices
The major scale
The mixolydian scale
Neighbor tones
The minor-pentatonic scale
The relative minor
Chord substitutions

Chapter 27 Hot Licks
Large movements
Rhythmic displacement

Chapter 28 How to Simplify a Lick
Skipping tones
Staying on chord tones
Limited improvisation
Lick replacement
List Price: $24.99
Price: $22.49




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