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» Aebersold Jazz
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How to Play Jazz & Improvise: Jamey Aebersold Vol.1
The culmination of Jamey's 40 years as one of the world's leading jazz exponents, Volume 1 has unlocked the mysteries of jazz improvisation for a whole generation of musicians who previously had nowhere to turn for competent rhythm sections and accurate instruction.
List Price: $18.99
Jamey Aebersold:  "GIANT STEPS" - STANDARDS IN ALL KEYS - Vol 68
Advanced. If you're ready for further challenges, try these slightly more difficult tunes in all 12 keys. Each tune begins with one chorus in the original key, and then moves through the other 11 keys.
The tempos are moderate, but the real work-out begins when you start going through the various "un-common" keys. This challenging set is for anyone ready to put themselves "through the paces" - the right way!
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold:  "PLAY DUETS WITH JIMMY RANEY" - Vol 29
Intermediate/Advanced. Now includes TAB parts in addition to "standard" music notation. All duets are written in C Concert with chord progressions transposed for Bb & Eb. Stereo separation al- lows you to switch off one channel and fill in the missing part.
Melodies are written in duet form, followed by Jimmy comping on one channel and soloing on the other. Drummers and Bassists this is for you! There are no other instruments on the CD. Play with the CD in stereo, then separate the channels. Horn players will want to solo while Jimmy accompanies.
10 original tunes based on standard chord progressions in a variety of feels and time signatures. Jimmy's improvised solos are available as a supplemental book.
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold:  DAVID BAKER - "HOW TO LEARN TUNES" - Vol 76
Until now, the task of memorizing tunes has required a great amount of time and has been left to chance by the musician. With no rules, guidelines, or systematic methods of study, the task has left musicians with a great deal of confusion and frustration. This incredible work is a quick and easy method for learning and memorizing melodies and chord changes to any tune in any key!
Listening/learning/play along tracks take you through the most commonly used harmonic formulae and teach you how to recognize and remember forms both visually and aurally.
The book and supplement give composition that will have you memorizing and UNDERSTANDING how changes work. Leave the fakebooks at home!
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold:  STANDARDS FOR SINGERS - "IT HAD TO BE YOU" - Vol 107
Intermediate/Advanced. 24 beautiful, well-known standards in keys comfortable for most FEMALE singers.
The first class rhythm section plays each song with special sensitivity and with the singer in mind, including intros that help orient the singer to the first melody note.
Special stereo separation allows piano playing vocalists to eliminate the piano track and play/sing along with just bass and drums. Book includes lyrics written over the melody notes, piano cues, and chord changes in C
(Note: this book does not contain transposed parts for Bb, Eb, or bass clef instruments like our other play-a-longs.)
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: "ALL TIME STANDARDS" -Vol 25
Intermediate/Advanced. Lyrics included. The largest collection of standards in the series. This rhythm section has played extensively with jazz legend Phil Woods!
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: "BLUES IN ALL KEYS" -Vol 42
Beginner/Intermediate. Here’s a great way to expand your blues playing in every key!
Slow tempos for all levels of ability. Try playing some of the tougher keys without looking at the music and see just how fast your ear takes over.
You’ll find yourself gaining confidence very quickly and that will greatly improve your soloing. Charlie Parker learned the Blues in all 12 keys before he learned anything else.
Transposed for all instruments. Each key contains a different blues melody and two compatible chord/scale progressions.
List Price: $15.90
Jamey Aebersold: "COUNTDOWN TO GIANT STEPS" - Vol 75
Intermediate/Advanced. This could have been titled "Baby Steps to Giant Steps."
Finally, there is a "steps" method of learning not only Giant Steps and Countdown, but also how to substitute those elusive chord changes for "standard" chord changes in well-known standards. The second CD breaks down the Giant Steps cycle into simple segments at comfortable tempos.
Also included are several well-known standards with Giant Steps harmony subsitiuted for the traditional harmony! The BEST way to learn Giant Steps harmony!
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: "DOMINANT 7TH WORKOUT" - Vol 84
Intermediate/Advanced. The Dominant Seventh is possibly the most substituted, colored, and altered sound in modern music.
Its flexibility and distinctive nature made it a favorite of composers throughout the 20th century and allowed it to dominate Blues and Rock And Roll. This unique Play-A-Long explores the very nature of the Dom. 7th sound and describes different ways jazz masters have used it for color and texture.
Many written patterns will open your ears and extended tracks on 2 CDs will allow you to practice licks and patterns, refine your technique and reaction time, and give you the skills to navigate Dominant 7ths with confidence.
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: "EMBRACEABLE YOU" - Ballads for All Singers - Vol 113
"EMBRACEABLE YOU" - Ballads for All Singers
Intermediate/Advanced. 2 CDs and book. Pianist Steve Allee creates an intimate setting with singer-sensitive solo piano accompaniment for 12 of the greatest ballads every written.
Each song is recorded in 2 keys - one for lower voices and one for higher voices - ensuring all singers, men and women, can find the best key for their voice! Selected songs are presented in two tempos (ballad and medium tempo) on separate tracks, adding excitement and variety to these time honored classics.
Melody, lyrics, and chord changes are clearly presented in the book and the pianist on the CD provides singer-friendly intros and voice leading, making it easier to find the melody.
Note: The book contains C parts only - no transposed parts for Bb, Eb, or bass clef instruments, but horn players will love playing and practicing in singer's keys.
List Price: $15.90
Jamey Aebersold: "GETTIN' IT TOGETHER" - Vol 21
For all musicians regardless of ability! If you use this set with Volume 1, you will have a solid foundation to meet
any new challenge.
This set covers major, minor (dorian,
harmonic and melodic), dominant 7th, half-diminished, lydian and sus. 4. It also has a very slow blues in F and one in Bb. 31 different tracks with a lot of variety! CD tracks have been recently extended to allow more practice time without interuption.
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: "JAM SESSION" - Vol 34
Intermediate/Advanced. These are tunes everyone has heard and every musician should know.
The names of the composers and lyricists read like a musical Hall of Fame. 19 tunes from the cream of the golden age of songwriting in America. Lyrics included.
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: "JIMMY RANEY" - Vol 20
Intermediate. A great way to study bebop! This outstanding set includes transcribed solos written and played by Jimmy on the guitar. Used for play along purposes, the special demo track has Jimmy soloing with the rhythm section and playing all 10 solos from the book.
A NEW CONCEPT in transcribed solos; you actually see and hear what is played on the demo track.
Chord progressions are based on standards and Jimmy has written solos over them.
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold: "KILLER JOE" - Vol 70
Beginner/Intermediate. Similar to the popular Volume 54 "Maiden Voyage," this volume again meets the needs of the up-and-coming jazz player who is ready to make the transition from scales and chords to improvising on real standard chord changes.
The selections feature slower tempos and easier changes and each has a great feel that makes improvising easier.
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold: "MAIDEN VOYAGE" - Vol 54
Beginning/Intermediate. Standards and workouts for making the transition from playing scales & chords.
An excellent resource for beginning improv. Features slower tempos, easier changes, and specific tips on approaching soloing. Scales written for every chord change.
Perfect for High School and College music directors! For more easy standards at easy tempos, see Volume 70 "Killer Joe."
List Price: $15.90
Jamey Aebersold: "MAJOR & MINOR"- Vol.24
For all instrumentalists and vocalists. CDs contain 30 extended tracks of recorded background. Great primer for learning basic skills in major and minor keys.
Advanced players will want to work on "double-timing", playing "outside" and "side-slipping" in all keys at comfortable tempos.
Special tracks have Jamey Aebersold playing various exercises and soloing on his saxophone with actual cuts from Volume 24 so you can hear and see how to use this set.
All exercises and sax solos on the demo tracks are transcribed and written out in the book!
Pick a different key each day/week/practice.
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: "MOVIN' ON"- Vol. 4
Aebersold Jazz: "MOVIN' ON"
Advanced level. This set contains 9 original songs written by Jamey Aebersold and Dan Haerle. The songs are a challenge but are well worth the effort because they present problems you will encounter when playing jazz tunes.
Each tune has the melody and the chord/scale progression written out for all instruments (transposed parts).
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold: "NIGHT & DAY" - Vol 51
All Levels. 13 of the most popular songs ever produced by composers such as George Gershwin and Cole Porter. Like jazz tunes, many of these originated from Broadway shows.
Beautiful ballads, bluesy slow swings, soaring melodies, interesting bridges, and daring lyrics have all been discovered and reinvented by Jazz's most influential players including Monk, Tatum, Parker, and Brecker.
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold: "Nothin' But The Blues" Vol. Two
"Nothin' But The Blues" Vol. Two
Beginning/Intermediate. The blues have contained the very essence of the jazz sound since the 1920s. A player who masters the sound and feel of the blues will play other jazz tunes in a manner that will inspire the listener.
Contains 11 different blues melodies and is a natural follow-up to Volume 1 or Volume 21. Tempos are not fast. Presented in various keys with a variety of moods from slow to rock.
Chords and scales are written in the staff for each track.
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold: "'ROUND MIDNIGHT" - Vol 40
All Levels. If you own one Classic jazz recording, there is a good chance it contains at least one of these songs.
Offers a good variety of song types, from the beautiful, haunting 'Round Midnight, to the exciting and often played Love For Sale. Complimenting those are some of the best such as George Shearing, Johnny Mandel, and Henry Mancini.
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: "THE ii/V7/I PROGRESSION" - Vol 3
Beginning/Intermediate. The most important musical sequence in modern jazz! Contains all the needed scales and chords to each CD track and all are written in the staff.
Contains 120 written patterns (transposed for all instruments) and 3 full pages of piano voicings that correspond to the CD.
Contains a Scale Syllabus which allows you to find and use various substitute scales, just like professional musicians. CD contains 4 tracks of Jamey playing exercises in a"call and response" fashion over an extended ii/V7/I progression that stays in one key at a comfortable tempo.
Allows you to practice major, minor, dom. 7th, diminshed, whole tone, half-diminished, Lydian and dim. whole tone scales and chords.
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold: "TIME TO PLAY MUSIC"- Vol. Five
Beginner/Intermediate. This is your chance! Take the techniques and theory you’ve learned from Volumes 1, 21, 24, 2 & 3 and apply them to a real playing situation on comfortable tunes. A great volume to use when making the transition from learning scales and chords to actually playing melodies and chord progressions.
Eight songs written in the style of the great standards. Book contains suggestions for soloing on each tune and a Scale Syllabus.
List Price: $15.90
Jamey Aebersold: "TURNAROUNDS, CYCLES, & ii/V7s" - Vol 16
Intermediate/Advanced. If you have been working on playing scales, chords, and harmony in general, this set is the next step towards getting your ears and fingers coordinated. This set is a continuation of Volume 3, but in much more depth.
Features 23 CD tracks and most go through all 12 keys!
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: 28 Jazz Trumpet Solos Book 1
28 Jazz Trumpet Solos Book 1
List Price: $13.95
Jamey Aebersold: CHARLIE PARKER - "ALL BIRD" - Vol 6
Intermediate/Advanced. Contains the essence of modern music and is considered by most some of the most important music this century. A tremendous way to learn 10 \by the master musician, Charlie Parker. All are well-known jazz standards essential for every jazz player.
Blues, "rhythm" changes, alternating latin/swing, fast, and standards are all in this outstanding collection. Learn from the master!
List Price: $15.90
Jamey Aebersold: COLE PORTER FOR SINGERS - Vol 117
14 of the greatest standards ever written now in keys specifically designed for singers. Includes a book and 2 CDs - one CD for high voice and the other CD for low voice - so all singers, men and women, can find a key comfortable for their personal range. The book includes all of the songs written in both keys with lyrics clearly notated over the melody line.
List Price: $19.95
Jamey Aebersold: MILES DAVIS - Vol 7
Intermediate/Advanced. 8 jazz originals written by Miles Davis, many recorded twice with one slower track for easier learning, and another track at a common performance tempo.
A unique way to learn 8 of the most popular songs of the 50s. Most are considered jazz classics because most musicians have learned them, and all are interesting vehicles for improvising.
The interesting chord changes, altered bridges, and logical melodies have been quoted in many compositions throughout the music world.
Gain an insight into early Miles and gain an understanding of the transitional bop to post-bop period.
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold: SONNY ROLLINS - Vol 8
Intermediate/Advanced. These tunes represent a large portion of the jazz player's vocabulary and all are considered jazz standards. Songs range from simple to complex, slow tempos to fast.
The chord changes on several tunes are such that even the novice improviser can solo using a single scale such as the blues or pentatonic, yet intermediate and advanced players will have plenty of challenge playing on the flowing and natural chord changes.
Others present a greater challenge, with fast tempos, 3/4 time signatures and alternating grooves.
List Price: $14.90
Jamey Aebersold's Jazz Ear Training
Jamey Aebersold's Jazz Ear Training
List Price: $15.00
Jazz: Anyone Can Improvise! - DVD
Jazz: Anyone Can Improvise! - DVD
Basic/intermediate. This nearly two-hour long DVD features Jamey at the piano explaining and demonstrating the fundamental techniques used by all great jazz improvisors.
Topics covered include chord/scale relationships, keeping your place, patterns, the blues and pentatonic scales and their application, what and how to practice, articulation, memorizing songs, and much more.
This DVD not only provides the technical information essential to getting started on improvisation but also serves as an overview of the entire creative process in terms that even a non-musician could understand.
Jamey also provides much needed motivational material and discusses the philosophy of man's need to be creative. A complete presentation!
List Price: $19.95
The Guitar Wheel - The Music Theory Aid
A revolutionary new tool for understanding music theory!

Farley's Musical Essentials presents the Guitar Wheel. A music theory tool designed to help you understand and visualize music theory on the guitar and piano.

It is used by teachers as a teaching aid for students, individuals for personal study, or by musicians as a songwriting and composing tool


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