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Jazz, Blues, & Rags Treasures - Volume 1 and Volume 2
ISBNs: 1569397619 ,1569397627
Edited by Helen Marlais
Arranged by Various. For piano
The FJH Adult Piano Curriculum. Adult Piano. Collection.
Price: $15.85
A Dozen A Day Book 1 Chines
Includes sixty exercises for the mid-elementary level pianist by Edna Mae Burnham.
Price: $3.99

A Dozen a Day Mini Chinese
Includes sixty exercises for the mid-elementary level pianist by Edna Mae Burnham.
Price: $3.99
A Dozen A Day Preparatory Chinese
Includes sixty exercises for the mid-elementary level pianist by Edna Mae Burnham.
Price: $3.95

ELDON Trombone ETB102
ELDON Trombone ETB102
List Price: $399.00
Price: $275.00
Essential Grooves: Spiral Bound
Essential Grooves: for Writing, Performing, and Producing Contemporary Music [Spiral-bound]
Written by: Dan Moretti Matthew Nicholl & Oscar Stagnaro
Product Details
Spiral-bound: 95 pages
Publisher: Sher Music Co (January 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1883217652
ISBN-13: 978-1883217655
Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 8.4 x 0.4 inches
List Price: $24.00
Price: $23.50

Fun Time Piano Jazz & Blues: Level 3A-3B Easy Piano 1010F
About FunTime Piano Jazz & Blues


Arranged by Nancy Faber, Randall Faber. For Piano. PreTime to BigTime Piano Supplementary Library. Jazz & Blues. Book.

Published by The FJH Music Company Inc. (FF1010)

ISBN 0929666119.

Easy Piano arrangements of jazz and blues standards and original compositions that will motivate and entertain any piano student.

SMP Level 3 (Early Intermediate)
Independent movement of the left hand. Multiple chords in a measure, and the introduction of triplets.

List Price: $6.50
Price: CALL!
How to Play Jazz & Improvise: Jamey Aebersold Vol.1
The culmination of Jamey's 40 years as one of the world's leading jazz exponents, Volume 1 has unlocked the mysteries of jazz improvisation for a whole generation of musicians who previously had nowhere to turn for competent rhythm sections and accurate instruction.
List Price: $18.99
Price: $15.90

Jamey Aebersold:  "GIANT STEPS" - STANDARDS IN ALL KEYS - Vol 68
Advanced. If you're ready for further challenges, try these slightly more difficult tunes in all 12 keys. Each tune begins with one chorus in the original key, and then moves through the other 11 keys.
The tempos are moderate, but the real work-out begins when you start going through the various "un-common" keys. This challenging set is for anyone ready to put themselves "through the paces" - the right way!
List Price: $14.90
Price: $14.70
Jamey Aebersold:  "PLAY DUETS WITH JIMMY RANEY" - Vol 29
Intermediate/Advanced. Now includes TAB parts in addition to "standard" music notation. All duets are written in C Concert with chord progressions transposed for Bb & Eb. Stereo separation al- lows you to switch off one channel and fill in the missing part.
Melodies are written in duet form, followed by Jimmy comping on one channel and soloing on the other. Drummers and Bassists this is for you! There are no other instruments on the CD. Play with the CD in stereo, then separate the channels. Horn players will want to solo while Jimmy accompanies.
10 original tunes based on standard chord progressions in a variety of feels and time signatures. Jimmy's improvised solos are available as a supplemental book.
List Price: $14.90
Price: $14.70

Jamey Aebersold:  DAVID BAKER - "HOW TO LEARN TUNES" - Vol 76
Until now, the task of memorizing tunes has required a great amount of time and has been left to chance by the musician. With no rules, guidelines, or systematic methods of study, the task has left musicians with a great deal of confusion and frustration. This incredible work is a quick and easy method for learning and memorizing melodies and chord changes to any tune in any key!
Listening/learning/play along tracks take you through the most commonly used harmonic formulae and teach you how to recognize and remember forms both visually and aurally.
The book and supplement give composition that will have you memorizing and UNDERSTANDING how changes work. Leave the fakebooks at home!
List Price: $19.95
Price: $19.75
Jamey Aebersold:  STANDARDS FOR SINGERS - "IT HAD TO BE YOU" - Vol 107
Intermediate/Advanced. 24 beautiful, well-known standards in keys comfortable for most FEMALE singers.
The first class rhythm section plays each song with special sensitivity and with the singer in mind, including intros that help orient the singer to the first melody note.
Special stereo separation allows piano playing vocalists to eliminate the piano track and play/sing along with just bass and drums. Book includes lyrics written over the melody notes, piano cues, and chord changes in C
(Note: this book does not contain transposed parts for Bb, Eb, or bass clef instruments like our other play-a-longs.)
List Price: $19.95
Price: $19.75

Jamey Aebersold: "ALL TIME STANDARDS" -Vol 25
Intermediate/Advanced. Lyrics included. The largest collection of standards in the series. This rhythm section has played extensively with jazz legend Phil Woods!
List Price: $19.95
Price: $19.75
Jamey Aebersold: "BLUES IN ALL KEYS" -Vol 42
Beginner/Intermediate. Here’s a great way to expand your blues playing in every key!
Slow tempos for all levels of ability. Try playing some of the tougher keys without looking at the music and see just how fast your ear takes over.
You’ll find yourself gaining confidence very quickly and that will greatly improve your soloing. Charlie Parker learned the Blues in all 12 keys before he learned anything else.
Transposed for all instruments. Each key contains a different blues melody and two compatible chord/scale progressions.
List Price: $15.90
Price: $15.70

Jamey Aebersold: "COUNTDOWN TO GIANT STEPS" - Vol 75
Intermediate/Advanced. This could have been titled "Baby Steps to Giant Steps."
Finally, there is a "steps" method of learning not only Giant Steps and Countdown, but also how to substitute those elusive chord changes for "standard" chord changes in well-known standards. The second CD breaks down the Giant Steps cycle into simple segments at comfortable tempos.
Also included are several well-known standards with Giant Steps harmony subsitiuted for the traditional harmony! The BEST way to learn Giant Steps harmony!
List Price: $19.95
Price: $19.75

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